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From a Trusted General Contractor

Project Tips

"Here are some great tips to help you with all of your current or future projects and ideas!"


Before commencing any project, make sure you have all of the necessary tools accounted for. We like to make lists before starting any construction or makeover project. You can either write it down digitally or by a notepad and pen. 

This includes all supplies, materials, and tools that you will need to commence the project. Let's say for instance you are planning on removing your base and door Mouldings. There are even demolition tools that you will need such as pry bar, nail remover, hammer, knee pads, and safety glasses.

There is much more than just diving into a project. You don't need to spend much time preparing your list but a moment to think about what you will need. 

Then separate your list from the demolition part to the supply list. This will help you orderly lay out your project based on tear out and removal to purchasing the supplies needed.  

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