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From a Trusted General Contractor

Sustainable Products

Materials made for the environment with lasting use in mind. 

There is much talk about the environment and the push for green products that do not take away from the natural beauty that surrounds us. One of the greatest aspects of the earth is it's resourcefulness. We have been given wood and metal products that are being generated in a clean and respectful fashion by companies that encourage responsibility. 

With this being said, there are millions of pounds of plastics and vinyl resources being thrown away or recycled every year


One of the best ways many interior and exterior material manufacturers have found is to implement these types of materials into their products. This has transformed the way we build, reuse, and live a quality life using these products. 

As a General Contractor, we try to use as many materials as possible that align with this concept of sustainability. We still use wood based materials as there are areas that need structural support with the best quality and strength in wood products.

Below are a list of sustainable and green products that we use in our projects and have a 100% satisfaction rating after the project has been completed!

Sustainable Products List

  • Decking such as TREX & Timber Tech 

  • Exterior Brick Mouldings, Trim, & Boards by Royal Building Products

  • Interior Trims & Mouldings

  • Flooring types LVT, Vinyl, & Laminate by Shaw, Allen & Roth, & Pergo 

  • Outdoor Pathways such as Terra and Coble Stone by Riccobene

  • Countertops 

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