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Renovation Topics

Did you ever notice those renovation shows on the major home project networks? They can be very appealing to watch for hours on the weekend. You may even have tried to copy the design and construction process that you saw on the show. 

How did it turn out? Was it worth the expense and effort?

One of the greatest myths about many of these types of shows is that you can do it in a weekend. By the time you purchase all of the tools, supplies, and plan your weekend, you will have just enough time to plan and demolition part of the project. Now of course, not all of these projects can be attempted in a weekend. That would be ludicrous. 

Even the best Contractor with all of the tools, knowledge, and skill, would have a difficult time achieving these unrealistic goals. So, the point of this opening statement is pause watching the Home Improvement Shows and get clear and accurate information from!

We will never fluff the information that you need to start your home project ideas!


Remodels, Decks, Decor' Ideas, Lighting, Storage, Trims & Mouldings, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Storage, Cabinetry, Catios, Doors, Minor Landscaping Ideas, Entry Closet to Welcome Makeover, Weekend Ideas. 


Remodels are one of the most important topics we can start with. There are literally hundreds of common types of remodeling ideas when it comes to your home. The most common are Kitchen, Bathroom, and Living Room Makeovers. We will show you some of the general ideas and cost factors that you will want to consider before you take on any renovation. Remember to sketch a prototype of your idea and plans. This is a great base for starting your renovation process. 

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